Brighter Smile for a Brighter You

Brighter Smile
Brighter Smile

Brighter Smile

Boasting a set of pearly whites is one of the best ways to feel confident and attractive. In fact, it has even been shown that whiter smiles lead to better prospects in the world of employment.

It has never been easier to find a relevant specialist, book tooth-whitening dentist appointments and walk away beaming with joy. Still, there are a handful of different processes which can be used to achieve a lasting effect.

To appreciate how revolutionary these methods are, it is wise if we take a look at how they work and the results that can be expected.

Bleaching with Light

This first method is absolutely painless and will produce stunning results in a matter of minutes.

The in-office procedure involves the use of a halogen or LED light that interacts with a whitening gel which contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide (a powerful bleaching agent).

The greatest benefit of this technique is that a typical treatment takes between thirty minutes and one hour; perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon or even during a lunch break away from the office.

Recent advancements have led to less heat emissions and a lower amount of ultraviolet light from the source itself.

Internal Options

Another choice is known as an internal whitening procedure. We should note that there is an important difference here in comparison to light-activated bleaching.

As the name hints, internal whitening will change the colour of the tooth from the inside. So, this technique is ideal for those who may exhibit teeth that have been deep internal staining resulting from nerve damage from within the tooth.

This would be your best choice if you have a tooth that is no longer alive (such as one that has undergone a root canal).

The whitening is achieved by drilling a hole in the tooth, inserting hydrogen peroxide within and “capping” the tooth for a certain number of days.

The substance can be replaced as needed; allowing you to determine the level of brightness that you desire.

While this process is slightly invasive, most patients experience little to no pain during the procedure itself.

While there are at-home kits which can also be used, you should know that they are not nearly as effective as those found in a dentist’s office.

Also, some of these kits can actually damage your gums and enamel if used incorrectly. So, it is always wise to employ an online portal such as Toothpick to find the closest specialist in your area.

A whiter smile can literally redefine your self-image. With the help of modern technology and advancements in dentistry methods, that bright and glowing smile is indeed much closer than you think!

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Brighter Smile

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Brighter Smile

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Brighter Smile

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